About Us

Hi! We’re Nate & Di Kaemingk

(pronounced Kay-Mink)

We Blog about traveling around North America in our Winnebago Brave, our wiener children Frank & Little Tee, and some of the wine we’ve come to love from all the places we’ve traveled.

How Did We Get Here?

From Di:

At 29 I had a huge house, fantastic corporate job, two great weiner dogs and the perfect “American Dream.” But my life was plagued with an infertility battle and a longing that there might be something else in life calling my name. So my husband and I left it all to travel the US in an RV.

This blog chronicles what I’m learning in this journey called life. I will talk about travel, the places we’ve been, my dogs, my husband, wine and whatever else I feel like I’m learning along the way.

From Nate:

All of what she said, but add to it that I’ve had the itch to start another company ever since I sold the last one.   I tell the story a bit more completely here at my business blog.  It boils down to three things:

  1. Yes, we’re crazy to leave what we had.  But it’s because we’re more crazy about what we can experience and what we can build.
  2. I’d be more likely to regret not taking the trip than regret taking it in ten years.
  3. The number one regret of people on their death bed is that they didn’t live life according to their true selves, that they lived according to what others expected of them.  So yes, this isn’t what most people would expect of us, it’s the adventure we want.